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June Venters KC



Silk 2006

Recorder 2000

Called to the Bar 2017

June Venters KC is recognised for her extensive advocacy experience as a highly regarded family and children law Barrister.

June’s reputation in the courtroom in one of a high calibre performer who commands a really strong presence, which when coupled with her extremely personable approach, she provides a reassuringly exceptional service to her clients.

June focusses on the following key areas:

Children law- public

June specialises in every aspect of care proceedings and has considerable experience in cases involving the most serious of allegations including:

  • The death of/catastrophic injuries to a child

  • Physical injuries, often referred to as Non Accidental Injuries [NAI]

  • Genetic disorders including Vitamin D/Ricketts/(Ehlers Danlos Syndrome) [EDS] where symptoms can often mimic suspected child abuse

  • Fabricated Induced Illness (FII)

  • Sexual abuse

  • Ritualized child abuse such as symbolic or group clandestine activities with overtones of religious, magical, or Satanic intent

  • Child cruelty/neglect

Cases of this nature often involve vulnerable children and vulnerable adults. As a Law Society trainer of vulnerable witnesses, June is experienced in the questioning of such witnesses and does so sensitively, whilst ensuring that every relevant issue is fully and properly explored.

It is not uncommon for cases of this nature to involve the police. Often the person against whom allegations have been made will have been arrested and is either awaiting a charging decision or a criminal trial.

June’s criminal experience both as a Practitioner and as a Recorder in the Crown Court provides June with the advantage of knowing, in depth, how cases are investigated by the police and prosecuted through the criminal court, and which often takes place alongside care proceedings.

Children law- private

  • Parental Responsibility

  • Paternity disputes

  • Children arrangements [with whom a child[ren] should live and stay and spend time with]

  • Children re-location [in the UK or International]

  • Same Sex Families

  • Prohibited steps eg Child abduction

  • Specific Issues eg Medical treatment/attendance at a specific school

  • Parental Alienation

  • Coercion and control

June represents clients in cases of this nature where often there is an intractable dispute, whereby a parent is often deprived of having or sustaining a significant relationship with their child[ren] and which ultimately is a form of child abuse. In the most serious of cases this can result in long term consequences for a child’s mental health and requires court’s intervention, often assisted by experts instructed during the course of the proceedings.

In extreme cases a child or parent will make very serious allegations of child abuse by the other parent which can lead to a police investigation and even a criminal trial.  June has such expertise and can help in matters of this nature.

June regularly represents cases in the Family Court, High Court and Appeal Courts and appears in these cases, nationwide.

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